Terms and conditions

  1. Delivery of the requested service(s) will be made on the agreed event date following full and final receipt of payment.
  2. Delivery of the requested service(s) will be made at the venue location provided by the referred client mentioned above.
  3. If a cancellation of booking is made by the client, any deposit paid to secure the booking will not be returned. If a cancellation is made by Leisure Pod, which is unrelated to bad weather, the client will receive a full refund of any payments made, including deposit.
  4. If a client wishes to change the date of the agreed booking, they may do so free of charge, so long as notice is more than 7 days prior to booking. Any date changes made with less than the 7 day notice period, the client will lose their deposit and repayment will be required.
  5. Leisure Pod has the right to postpone the event if bad weather occurs during the selected day of booking. A full refund of the deposit will be given back to the client or be used for a rescheduled booking. Cancellations due to bad weather are at the discretion of Leisure Pod, not the client. The decision to cancel will be made upon the day of booking and not before, unless in extreme circumstances.
  6. The diameters of the Leisure Pod is the screen is 4 meters wide, 4 meters high and 5 meters in depth. If the inflatable Leisure Pod is being located outdoors, please let Leisure Pod know if you do not have suitable ground to place pegs into (ie you have concrete or astroturf instead of grass). The client must take into consideration the amount of space needed. If a member of staff of Leisure Pod shall arrive and deem the venue/area not suitable, full payment will still be required and no refunds will be given. The client must speak with a member of the Leisure Pod team, before the agreed date of booking, should they have any concerns. 
  7. Leisure provides an Amazon Firestick for the Cinema Experience and All-inclusive experience. The firestick must be connected to the client’s WiFi. As Leisure Pod do not provide WiFi, it is the responsibly of the client to make sure their WiFi reaches their desired location for the projector. Leisure Pod will not be held responsible for failed connections.
  8. All Leisure Pod equipment is tried and tested to make sure everything is working beforehand and a full handover demonstration and inventory check will take place.
  9. All electrical equipment (projector, games consoles, golf launch monitor, iPads) must be secured indoors overnight or when not supervised. 
  10. Any damage caused to the property of Leisure Pod during the hire period will incur charges to the above-named client based on the value of the loss. If any issues arise, the client must contact Leisure Pod immediately to resolve this, should any damages or anything reported not work at the designated collection time, the issue will be assumed as damage by the client therefore will be held liable.l
  1. Clients must not attempt to pack away any of the equipment themselves, doing so may result in damage and therefore may be charged.
  2. Leisure Pod will not be held responsible for any injuries involving equipment caused by recklessness of the client or their guests (tripping over guide ropes etc).
  3. The hirer is responsible for the safety of the users/people in and around the inflatable pod.
  4. The leisure Pod inflatable must be supervised and checked for anchorage at all times by a responsible adult.
  5. On occasion the leisure pod may need top-up air inflation – you must designate a responsible person/s who our staff will show how this is completed
  6. A responsible adult (over 18) MUST supervise persons under the age of 18 at all times.
  7. Should the equipment fail for any reason, all users must evacuate the area and the organiser call a member of staff. No persons should use the equipment until made safe by a Leisure Pod member of staff.
  8. No person should interfere with electrical equipment unless authorised by the leisure pod.
  9. No persons other than Leisure Pod staff should move the inflatable Leisure Pod from the erected position.
  10. The inflatable is not be used in high winds and extreme weather conditions, (maximum wind speed 20 mph).
  11. The inflatable pod can be used in the rain – it is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure any electrical leads and equipment are safe and kept dry.
  12. No persons should use Leisure pod under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  13. Leisure Pod takes no responsibility for the damage or loss of the users to own equipment
  14. If the client is not satisfied with their experience in any way, they must inform Leisure Pod immediately, so that any issues can be resolved as soon as possible, and they can continue with their experience. If no issues have been reported within 2 hours of set up, Leisure Pod will deem the experience a success and no concessions will be made.
  15. This invoice may be accepted to form a binding contract upon any agreed payment by the named client to the given bank account by Leisure Pod. Full payment must be made upon date given in invoice.
  16. If a member of the client’s household or party has had symptoms of Covid-19 within two weeks of selected date, postponing the date booked will be mandatory.